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Pennzoil Marine HT 30 is a combined cylinder and crankcase iubricant for highly-rated, medium speed dieselengines operating on residualfuel in industrial and marine applications. ll is manufactured with premium qua ity, highy refined minerai base oils wilh an effective advanced additive system to provide excellent protection and cleanliness particularly on the camshaftassembly and the crankcase.


- It is recoomended for medium-speed industrial or marine propulsion and auxiliary engines burning residual fuel oils with sulphur contents in excess of 2.5%. It also suitable for the marine engine reduxtion gears and certain other ship-board applications calling for these grades.


- Minimizes carbon deposits in the piston ring zone, resulting in less ring wear and less ring cylinder bore polishing
- Less oil consumption, ring breakage and piston skirt scuffing
- Help reduce corrosive wear


- SAE 40

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