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Pennzoil HDX SAE 30 ls a hea\y duty motor oil fonnulated with Time-Re eased Protection Technology to give protection, clean iness and performance of engine in both on-and off-highway applicat ons and equrpment, either d ese or petrol engines from the extreme condilions and severe driving.


su table ior bolh on and otr hLghway app ications ihal requ reAP CD/SF in lighter vscosity as we I as older and sma ler capacty englnes includlng heavy duty constructo. equ pmenl, minlnq equlphenl, ol led ergines, agr.ultlral equ pmenl, generator sels, liqht and heavy-duty trucks


- Helps extend engine life
- Engine wear protection
- Protection against rust and corrosion
- Minimizes sludge and vamish formation
- Piston cleanliness
- More economy for those engines with high frequency of oil change interval


- MIL-L-2104D
- Allison C3
- Caterpillar TO-2

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