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Pennzoil Super Maxol Gear Oil id designed for enclosed gear sets operating under severe service condition in industrial environment. It has an exceptional water separating properties, allowing for easy removal of water from the bottom of system, without excessive draining of oil in the form of an emulsion. It is formulated with the latest additive technology for optimum thermal and oxidative stability for a long service life. Windows 7 Enterprise Key


  • Can be used for spur, herring-bone, hypoid, bevel, and planetary enclosed gear set to provide maximum gear tooth protection
  • Suitable protection for worm gear sets using bronze gear
  • Suitable for circulating lubricants system found in the larger lubricant plants


  • Excellent oxidation and thermal stability characteristics
  • Exceptional demulsibility
  • Provides outstanding wear protection even under heavy and shock loads
  • Reduces galling, scuffing and welding of gear teeth
  • Excellent clean gear performance
  • Recommended  for worm gear applications
  • Provides effective bearing Windows 7 Home Basic SP1 Key


  • ISO 150, 220, 320, 460

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